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Rougher sex suggestions, she doesn't like fingering/why won't she squirt?, 300 lbs virgins, oral sex and disease. Gay Take/Straight Take Adam and Eve Sex Toy of the Week: Bree Olson Finger Banger.

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A 3-Way makes it OK/Daisy Moment: Gay sex doesn't equal butt sex, GF watches porn during sex, jealous of BF going straight, gay adoption etiquette. Gay Take Sex Toy of the Week: Vibrating Super Stud Sling.

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TS into humiliation, into the bush, un-cut tongue docking/circumcision, vulva pain. Gay Take/Straight Take Sex Toy of the Week: Lelo Insignia Alia.

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Gag reflex, can't last due to worry, guilty fantasies,no sex for 2 years and too bare down there. Gay Take/Straight Take Adam and Eve Sex Toy of the Week: Sakura's Tight Masturbator.

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