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Dr. Kat and Ross debate what's really going on with DADT, why dryhumping is making a comeback, coming out at Halloween (or not), and how to get the blow job you want.

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In this episode Dr. Kat introduces her "gay boyfriend", Ross Martineau. She opens the flood gates about female sexual wetness and gives the low down an how to try anal sex for the first time. She talks about staying friends with an ex, and answers a question from a stripper whose boyfriend is over her strip career. Dr. Kat gives the down low on transmitting STDs via oral sex. She and Ross discuss who Lady Gaga might be goo goo for in bed. Don't forget to subscribe to the Sex Chat with Dr. Kat weekly podcasts and call in questions to the 24/7 Listener Line at 213-270-1968.

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On this episode Dr. Kat addresses the negative side of having a big penis, a husband caught pleasuring himself, pregnant sex, a ho-hum sex life, a couple on the verge of trying out the swinger's scene, someone who can't seem to turn the light on during sex and why Dr. Kat loves the TV series True Blood. Don't forget to subscribe to her weekly podcasts and be sure to call in questions to her 24/7 Listener Line at 213-270-1968.

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Sex clubs, masturbation and giving yourself permission to explore your sexuality, it's all in the first episode of Sex Chat with Dr.Kat premiering this week. Make sure you subscribe and send us your questions at 213-270-1968.

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