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Husband wants exciting sex but wife is OK with humdrum. Is watching your wife having sex with another man weird? What happens when masturbation is better than sex with your partner? Gay Take/Straight Take Sex Toy Review: The Tug Cyberskin Stroker

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Sexologist Dr.Kat Van-Kirk reviews the Astroglide lube from Adam and Eve in this episode of The Toy Box. You can get 50% off on almost ANY item at plus free shipping just by using source offer coupon code DRKAT. Also, make sure to look for the Dr.Kat podcast in iTunes.

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Gay bottom wants to know if his boyfriend is trully a top. Looking for love in all the wrong places? How she can have multiple orgasms. Gay Take/Straight Take Toy Review: Crystal Teaser Glass Dildo.

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How to use a cock ring, hollow strap on dildos and MORE squirting?! Gay Take/Straight Take Toy Review: Pussy Pump Plus.

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Coming too quickly, wanting more sex from your boyfriend, and a menage a trois quandary. Gay Take/Straight Take Sex Toy Review: Treeze eco-friendly wood vibrator

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